Hello, Nurses! 👋

Welcome to The Weekly Banana Bag. As a quick intro, we’re Lume (adj. short for luminous), and we’re building a community-led platform with the goal of helping nurses live better lives. We’re starting this newsletter because as nurses, we’ve seen it all; countless bait and switches with shady agencies, third-world working conditions, and just plain ‘ol mental (and physical) burnout. We just didn’t find anything out there that covered the topics that mattered most to us nurses. Going forward we’ll be covering:

  1. Top Jobs 🛠 (What facilities (and what units) should I look for? Which ones to avoid? What agencies to work with?)

  2. Financial Wellness 💸 (How do I make more money? Is traveling for me? Where are the best rates and what is a “good” contract? Side hustles?)

  3. Mental Health 💚 (I’m burnt out and stressed, where do I go from here? We’ve all gone through it or are going through it — let’s talk about it!)

  4. Spicy Memes 🌶 (Let’s be honest, only nurses get nursing memes but we need them to get through the day!)

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